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P40000 - PCIe/NVMe Test Chamber

  • Category: Environmental Test System
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Key Features

  • P40000: 40 port (optional dual port available)
  • PCIe-Gen3 4 lanes per port (gen3 2 lanes for dual port tester)
  • Support Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 auto select or manual select
  • Exchangeable loader adapter technology
    • [default] 2.5” SFF8639 (HDD/SSD form factor) adapter
    • [optional] PCIe-edge card adapter
    • [optional] M.2 card adapter
  • PMU (Power Management Unit) – programmable via USB or Ethernet
    • Drive insertion detection circuitry
    • Power on/off control
    • LED control
  • WEB based GUI control SW
  • Customized UART connectivity
  • Temperature control up to 70C